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Combo box not loading when deployed in sap b1

Apr 10 at 01:08 PM


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I have designed the report in crystal report with filtering the card code in combo box bot when i deploy it in sap b1 the combo box is not showing, instead it is like edit text we need to enter all those values.Please tell me how to solve this issue whether i need to install another version.Am using crystal report (sap Crystal reports for sap business one) version 14 and sap crystal reports runtime engine for .net framework (32 and 64 bit)

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The combobox it is a parameter in crystal? Please, could you share how you set the parameter field?

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1 Answer

Dell Stinnett-Christy Apr 10 at 02:34 PM

There is special syntax that you need to use for dynamic prompts when publishing Crystal reports to B1. According to the "How to Work with SAP Crystal Reports in SAP BusinessOne" documentation, the name of your parameters needs to also contain the query that B1 will use to get the data for the parameter. So, it will look like this:


The "@" is used to specify the beginning of the query.

When you publish a report with parameters in this format to B1, it knows how to create the combo box for each dynamic parameter based on the the query you specify in the parameter name. Just the name will appear as the label on the screen - it won't include the query.


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