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How to copy price of contract po to normal po

Apr 09 at 07:49 PM


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I have created a contract po, now when I am creating a po with reference to contract po, i am not able to copy the price maintained in my contract po. I have to manually maintain my price in po. How to automate price maintained for contract po in normal po?

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2 Answers

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Jürgen L
Apr 09 at 08:32 PM

What is a contract PO? Such term does not exist in SAP. It is either a contract or a PO.

Assuming you created a standard outline agreement in ME31K and want create a PO now which is referencing this contract. Here it is the expected and standard behavior that prices are automatically adopted from the contract to the PO.

Check whether the contract price is valid at the date of PO creation. Are there scales in the contract. Are you eventually referencing a PR which is assigned to a contract? Do you have the EVO parameter in your user parameters?

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Vignesh Bhatt Apr 11 at 09:33 PM

Thanks Jürgen , it was an issue with the condition type which I had selected in my pricing procedure. Thanks for clarifying the doubt.

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You should explain the solution in detail. What actually have you done for the condition type? That helps others to identify the exact solution when someone will face the same issue in future. The statement which you have written would not be sufficient to find the exact root cause.