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Sep 18, 2008 at 03:44 AM

decimal in routing unit of measure conversion


Hi SAPper,

I have an error from SAP when creating routing.

Actual my routing consist of several operations

Header Routing for finish good UoM = BOX

10 Spray Drying UoM KG

20 Press UoM BOX

30 Firing UoM BOX

40 Packing UoM BOX

the problem is we must enter the conversion between UoM in operation to UoM in header routing

100 BOX equal 3,275.59 KG


1 BOX requal 32.76 KG


1. in routing operation UoM conversion doesn;t support decimal

2. the space is too small for long numeric

how can i dea with this issue.

Kindly help

Beest regards,

Freddy Ha