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PR workflow without release strategy

Apr 09 at 01:16 PM


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Former Member

We want to use PR workflow using a custom function module and without multiple approval Levels

1. WS2000077 is being used for Overall release as WS2999990

2. In the workflow , a custom Task and custom rule is added which contains a custom function module

3. This custom module picks an agenct and release value from custom fields of PA30

4. The function module works fine on testing individually. Picks an agenct and Returns back a value

5. The binding exists without Release code since we have no Levels of approvals


We want the PR to start our workflow, look for the value in PR and go to respective Agent, get approved and release.

This is just one Level approval.

We do not want release codes and strategies

How can we achieve this?

Currently the workflow can be run manually after PR is created and still the work item is not executable. Hence the approver cannot release the PR

Kindly help on what we are missing

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2 Answers

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Jürgen L
Apr 09 at 02:44 PM

You cannot achieve an approval without having release groups and release codes and a release strategy.

Maybe you can develop your own kind of approval, but this has then nothing really to do with SAPs purchase requisition approval and you cannot expect to see this approval then in the PR itself like it is the case with a standard release strategy.

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Former Member

And a custom workflow is something we do not need. We want to stay as much Standard as possible.



So you have added custom steps to the standard workflow?

Also how exactly do you "release" a Pr without release codes. What is the status of the PR? How is the process without workflow, do you still need M54N for release?

Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

Stéphane Bailleul Apr 12 at 08:07 AM


There is no way to avoid a release strategy of minimum one level.

In MM document there are not status (unlinke SD or PS ...) so the approval from a business point of view will do nothing on the document if there is no release to be done.

Approving or rejecting is something that must have an effect on the business document and the work. so Release strategy must be done.



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