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Apr 09, 2018 at 01:05 PM

SAML 2.0 auth - How to configure access to the URL of the Metadata XML File



I am setting up SAML 2.0 authentication on our ERP system. While I know I can download the metadata XML file and import into my Identity Provider, I want to provide access to the URL of the metadata XML file instead.

Per instructions on page Accessing the Metadata XML of a SAML Service Provider of an AS ABAP,

"Accessing the URL of the Metadata XML File

  1. Create a service on the AS ABAP for the download of the metadata XML, including the following ABAP class in the handler list: CL_HTTP_EXT_SAML20.
  2. When configuring the service providers you want your SAML identity provider to trust, enter the URLs for the services. The URLs must have the following format: <protocol>://<host>:<port>/saml2/sp/metadata?sap-client=<client>"

I ran into a problem when creating the service. I created an ICF service, but when I tried to include the CL_HTTP_EXT_SAML20 ABAP class in the handler list I received the message "CL_HTTP_EXT_SAML20 is not an ABAP OO Class."

(screenshot below) This prevents me from saving my new service.

Any help is much appreciated.

Best regards,