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VL10A transaction for PO

Apr 09 at 12:02 PM


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Dear Gurus

PO are created in SAP. And delivery is created for these PO. Also delivery is created by background job. Job used programme like vl10a.

In PO, delivery date is 27.11.2017

Goods issue (delivery) posting date is 25.11.2017.

How it happen? I thought that before 27.11.2017, It could not be happened.

My keyuser dont want this goods issue before 27.11.2017. But job does that. How can i solve this?

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2 Answers

Rosh A Apr 09 at 01:48 PM

Your PO delivery date is the Planned GI date and PGI date is the actual GI date. In standard, there is no restriction if the goods issue date is lesser than the delivery date. If you want to change this behavior, use delivery processing BAdI "LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC" and restrict if LIKP- WADAT (GI date) is lesser than LIKP- LFDAT (Delivery date).

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Rosh A, Thank you very much for your response.

Job use a programme and I saw screens of this programme. It is like VL10A. I want to restrict it only in this job. I thought that other user don't want restrict VL10A or this programme.

Is it possible to resctrict in only this job run? Do you have any idea about it? Maybe I will ask it basis consultant.

Have a nice day


Check the variant of your background job. If you would run with Planned goods movement date, this issue will be resolved. Run a cycle in your development system and check.

Yang Bai
Jun 14 at 05:42 AM


The scheduling for delivery documents is controlled at delivery type level on transaction 0VLK. In this transaction observe if the field "Rescheduling" is activated. If it is not, that means that you are not using the scheduling functionality for this delivery. If it is activated, then the MAD from the previous document (e.g. Sales order, STO) will be copied into the Pick and Pack time of the delivery, and a new scheduling will happen. Since the scenario can have changed (between the time when you first created the previous document and when you created the delivery) new dates can be determined.

Best regards,

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