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BPMon issue on Solman 7.2

Apr 09 at 11:07 AM


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We are using Solman 7.2 SP06. We are trying to customize alert message generated in Trans SOLDOC->alert handling->change custom description.

There are 2 questions which I have

1. I am able to add using "Insert URL" to include a URL in the text and it works. But I am not able to understand the process of how it works?

2. I am not able to use "Insert Symbols" to insert in the text like system name, client number, host name...the mail output does not replace the variables and they appear as it is in the mail.

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1 Answer

Jai Vignesh R
Apr 13 at 09:50 AM


1) In Run time, the actual data is replaced with those keywords which is a part of the URL framework. It can be either static or dynamic.

2) Adding a new variable is a two-step process:

  • Add the new variables to the two registry tables ACALCFGVARIABLES and ACVARCONTEXTNAME. When registering in ACALCFGVARIABLES specify variable name, symbol type as ‘Method symbol’, check ‘URL Relevant’ flag and implement the BAdI BADI_TEXT_VARIABLE_RESOLUTION and maintain the filter value of implementation in column ‘Filter Value’. When registering in ACVARCONTEXTNAME table specify variable name and ‘ALERT_CONTEXT’ as second column.
  • The BAdI implementation would get the input I_TEXT_VARIABLE-the variable name, IT_CONTEXT_DATA - the data that you pass while calling CL_ALERT_CONSM_UTILITY=> GET_TXTVAR_VALUE( ) API from URL framework. The return value E_VALUE of the implementation would be passed back to this API as the value of the variable.

Thanks and Regards,

Jai Vignesh R

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Hello Jai,

Thanks for the inputs. But I am not trying to create new variables but instead trying to use the standard ones like &SID& or &HOST_FULL_NAME&, &CLIENT& which is not giving me the desired result. Do I need to do anything as suggested above by you.

Really appreciate your help and looking forward to a quick response.

Thanks and Regards