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Nov 01, 2016 at 01:15 PM

Printing Cutomer Details in smartforms


Hello Gurus ,

i have to make an invoice smartforms for printing name and address of customer the client have given me the FS that is

"For Name & Address of Buyer: - Pick field RDOC from table J_1IEXCHDR and pass it to VBELN of VBRK. Pick KUNAG of VBRK and pass it to KUNNR of KNA1.Take ADRNR and pass it to ADRC. Take fields NAME1 , STREET , CITY2 , POSTAL_CODE1 , STATE, COUNTRY

Pass LAND1and REGIO of KNA1 to LAND1 and BLAND of T005U respectively where SPRAS = EN and get BEZEI as state name"

I am not able to crack its query can u all help me for this ..

Regards Dhiraj