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Sep 17, 2008 at 01:02 PM

Validation of Characteristic Values in IP


Hello experts,

for a special planning layout in IP we need a less restricted validation of characteristic values (analog to key figures option as described in OSS-Nr. 1121874), if there is no input value for one or more characteristic fields. The default IP validation accepts only the legendary '#'-sign as a non-input-value.

Is there any possibility to overrule the implemented validation ?

Has anybody tried it with the following methods:

1. Using the Check Method in the exit class for characteristic relationships in order to accept an empty characteristic field (e.g. switch empty field to '#' sign) ?

2. How can i preselect the '#'-sign in the respective empty characteristic fields in a new planning row as an alternative to 1. ? Preselection in the query does not work for a new planning row.

3. How can i hide columns with characteristics, that are not relevant for a special planning layout (dependent on certain values in a DSO) ?

I am looking forward to your substantial answers 😊