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Transfer equipment's from one plant to another plant process


We have to transfer equipment's from one site (plant) to another site (plant). At any point of time we want to track the list of equipment at a plant and also wants to track the movement.

What business process do we need to follow to move the equipment from one plant to another plant.

Is there any process like STO or what?


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1 Answer

  • Apr 08, 2018 at 07:08 PM


    The answers below are for Equipment that are not Serialized Material Spares.

    You can use IH08 at any time to display a report of the Equipment in a Plant (and many other criteria).

    You can transfer Equipment to another Plant by changing the Maintenance Plant. As most Equipment is also in a Functional Location (FLoc), you will likely also Dismantle from the previous FLoc and Install into the new FLoc. While doing these, you will likely also update (from inheritance) other fields, e.g. Main Work Center, Plant Location, Section, Cost Center, and WBS. These steps can be done within a single Change Equipment transaction. The assignment of Equipment to a FLoc has a date/time of Installation and Dismantling. The assignment history is tracked via the Usage List. So, the data is there to track the movements, but I am unaware of a standard report of the movements.

    If the Equipment is an Asset (in the Asset Register / on the GL) or part of an Asset, then notify and coordinate with Finance. (Config can be set to notify or automate for a change in either Equipment or Asset.) I don't see too many companies that directly tie the Assets to Equipment.


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    • Anil,

      a) Here's a link to Repairable Spare in SAP Help. Essentially, They are materials stocked that can be repaired (or refurbished). If they are serialized materials, then each one also has an equipment master tied to material number. It's a strong process to track these items. Here's a blog from Zafar Vasal that describes the whole process.

      If the Equipment were Repairable Spares, then you could create STOs to transfer it from one Plant to another.

      b) Since the Equipment links to Assets, you might review this thread on Capital Spares.

      c) In a search, I find that in SAP DFPS Industry solution, they have Relocation of Material. For Non-consumable Goods (NCG), this includes STOs. This may be what you need.

      If the Equipment does not have a material number, then you will need to piece together a solution.

      I have had to work through needing but not having a material number a few times. What is the underlying reason(s) for the PO requirement? Tracking? Financial transfer of the value? Use a known process?

      Tracking: You can ship items in SAP without a material number. Tracking also comes in the Install/Dismantle, and in the Asset Transfers done by Finance.

      Financial is handled in the Asset Transfer.

      To match the STO, because it is already known to the users, you will likely need a custom solution (or the NCG Relocation or Serialized Material options above).

      Others may know of a better option.