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Last error reported by the step: Aborting the installation

First time i'm doing the installation of solution manager with db2 on AIX server.

Operating system information: AIX 7.1 WARNING: Notification SMTP server has not been specified. Notifications cannot be sent to contacts in your contact list until this is specified. For more information see the DB2 administration documentation. Product to install: DB2 Server Edition Installation type: Typical Previously Installed Components: Base client support Java support SQL procedures Base server support Connect support DB2 data source support IBM Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java(TM) DB2 LDAP support DB2 Instance Setup wizard Integrated Flash Copy Support Communication support - TCP/IP DB2 Update Service Replication tools Sample database source First Steps Guardium Installation Manager Client Selected Components: Languages: English (already installed ) Target directory: /db2/db2smd Space required: 0 MB Install IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (Tivoli SA MP): No Executing control tasks :.......Success Updating global registry :.......Success Updating the db2ls and db2greg link :.......Success ERROR: The value "DB2SYSTEM=ssseccqas" could not be added to the Global Profile Registry. Return value is "255". Setting default global profile registry variables :.......Failure Initializing instance list :.......Success Registering DB2 Update Service :.......Success Updating global profile registry :.......Success WARNING: A minor error occurred while installing "DB2 Server Edition " on this computer. Some features may not function correctly. Post-installation instructions ------------------------------- Required steps: There were some errors detected during DB2 installation. To collect the information files from the system, run the "db2support -install" command with the proper options before reporting the problem to IBM service. For information regarding the usage of the db2support tool, check the DB2 Information Center. Set up a DB2 instance to work with DB2. Optional steps: To validate your installation files, instance, and database functionality, run the Validation Tool, /db2/db2smd/bin/db2val. For more information, see "db2val" in the DB2 Information Center. Open First Steps by running "db2fs" using a valid user ID such as the DB2 instance owner's ID. You will need to have DISPLAY set and a supported web browser in the path of this user ID. Verify that you have access to the DB2 Information Center based on the choices you made during this installation. If you performed a typical or a compact installation, verify that you can access the IBM Web site using the internet. If you performed a custom installation, verify that you can access the DB2 Information Center location specified during the installation. Ensure that you have the correct license entitlements for DB2 products and features installed on this machine. Each DB2 product or feature comes with a license certificate file (also referred to as a license key) that is distributed on an Activation CD, which also includes instructions for applying the license file. If you purchased a base DB2 product, as well as, separately priced features, you might need to install more than one license certificate. The Activation CD for your product or feature can be downloaded from Passport Advantage if it is not part of the physical media pack you received from IBM. For more information about licensing, search the Information Center ( using terms such as "license compliance", "licensing" or "db2licm". To use your DB2 database product, you must have a valid license. For information about obtaining and applying DB2 license files, see DB2 Setup log file finished at: Mon Apr 09 10:26:37 2018 IST ============================================================ A minor error occurred while installing "DB2 Server Edition " on this computer. Some features may not function correctly. For more information see the DB2 installation log at "/tmp/sapinst_instdir/SOLMAN72SR1/SOLMAN72SR1/DB6/INSTALL/STD/ABAP/db2setup.lo g".

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