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SAP Leonardo & IoT

Apr 07 at 03:39 PM


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Hi everyone,

I have 2 questions:

1-. Differences between SAP Leonardo and SAP IoT.

2-. I want to make a mini project that consists on the following:

In my raspi I have a green Led connected to the protoboard. When I execute an '' file, I want to turn on the led and introduce some data in a Hana db, example: (column: press ; introduced-value: yes), and the same when I execute '' file.

Actually I have an 'hello word' java program deployed in my local eclipse to the HCP, and it works.

How can I recognize the led with Java-eclipse and introduce the value 'yes' in the HANA DB when '' file is executed in raspberry py.

I can´t find any simple example like this on the net.



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Anton Levin
Apr 07 at 04:57 PM

Hello Alvaro,

1. the one should not compare SAP Leonardo and SAP IoT Service trying to outline the difference between them, since SAP Leonardo consists of IoT Service (and many others). I would encourage you to read many of the blog post people shared in the community. For example, [1] and/or take SAP Leonardo related courses available on openSAP [2]

2. I would recommend you having a look on various examples (also for raspi and python) available in the SAP IoT StarterKit [3] on GitHub

Hope this helps,





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Thanks a lot.

What technology do I have to use if I want to turn on a raspi led throw a SAPUI5 Web App that has two buttons (1 turn on, 2 turn off)?

I thank, when I press a button, send something to execute a python_turn_on script on the raspberry.

How can I do?

(I allready have a SAPUI5 App with both buttons).

Alvaro Fombellida

Please, have a look at the Push Service [1] exposed by the IoT MMS as well as code samples from the StarterKit. For example end-2-end consumption/push example [2]