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Sep 16, 2008 at 08:24 PM

no data filled in infostructure using OLI7 / OLI9


Hello experts,

we have a infostructure S710 with sales and invoice data.

Because some data changed we deleted version 000 with tcode OLIX.

Before we deleted the version we copied the version to another version.

We now tried to fill the data again using Tcode oli7 and oli9.

But no data is filled. The job runs a very long time but there is no data in the table.

Strange thing is that new orders and invoices created now in the system are updated is S710.

But all old data we want to reload using tcode oli7 and oli9 is not.

Anyone any ideas?

Edited by: D. van Tilburg on Sep 16, 2008 10:31 PM