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Convert Emergency Sales order into Normal after three days.

Apr 07 at 11:26 AM


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Dear All

We have scenario in which customers need when emergency sales order are created and released from credit block, after three days if delivery was not created then order changed from Emergency (Z1EM) to standard order (Z!SD), Kindly help to resolve?

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Would you please explain the business process more in detail? As to when and why emergency Sales Order is created and how(Z1EM) is different from (ZISD)? What is the business objective for doing this?




Did you try setting up alternative document types in VOV8? The feature has some limitations, but I think that this is the only option to change order type after saving if you cannot afford any development budget.

To be fair, I would probably challenge the design proposal and look for workarounds to map the business process without modifying the document type.

Is changing from emergency to standard order the only possible approach to deliver what the business needs?

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Former Member Apr 08 at 05:28 AM

Ofcourse business process related question comes up - Why does the business not create a delivery within 3 days for the Emergency order?

SAP design proposal -

- Setup copy control between Emergency order type to Normal order type

- Create Reason for Rejection (or use existing)

If delivery not created with in 3 days then CS department should follow below steps

1. Create Normal order with reference to Emergency order. VA01

2. Set Reason for Rejection in the Emergency order. VA02

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There is also a problem from a consumer's perspective - if I am a customer who orders products and is willing to pay extra just to get these earlier, I would be disappointed if I am to receive my products later than I expected without being contacted by a sales person asking me if I am OK with rescheduling. If I cannot get the products on time, I might wish to cancel the order and buy the products from a different vendor.

This essentially means that the process cannot be easily automated as it requires a decision. As you correctly pointed out - why a delivery for an emergency order is not created within 3 days? Does no one check daily the result of VL10C?

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Veselina Peykova

I am guessing that the Business side of it is taken care by the Business. And the SAP Technical part (we want Normal order, Not emergency order) is asked to the SAP support vendor.

Ofcourse Business will inform, ask, get approval from the Customer. But that will happen outside SAP. Is my experience.


"Of course Business will inform, ask, get approval from the Customer. But that will happen outside SAP. Is my experience."

My point exactly, this is why I say that the process cannot be easily automated - some of the emergency orders should stay rejected with rejection reason A, some will be rejected with reason B and used as a basis for creating a standard order. There is the inconvenience that the new order will go through credit check and then probably via the 'regular' delivery schedule, which may mean that the customer will get the products later than if he asked for standard processing in the beginning...

I was unsure if the OP expected a fully automated solution, which is why I mentioned that it would make no sense trying to eliminate the decision part.