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Sep 16, 2008 at 04:19 PM

validation of line items problem


Dear SEM-BCS experts,

We have customized the validation of line items that should check that postings on balance sheet items contain only consolidation profit center "DUMMY" on a line item level.

Below are customization settings done in the system.

Type of Data Stream - Documents.

Validation Type - Individual Data Rows.

CONDITION( BS Items ) ==> CONDITION( Cons PC Dummy )

BS Items contains selections for Balance Sheet Items

Cons PC Dummy contains only Profit Centre "DUMMY"

False - Message: "Consolidation Profit Centre is not "Dummy". Please, correct the entry" (Type Error)

True - Message: "Consolidation Profit Centre is "Dummy" for BS Items Document Lines"

The Validation Method is assigned to the definite Document Type.

During posting we get the following unexpected result:

ChSt Autom Line Item Cons Profit Centre FS Item Period Value in LC

Error DUMMY 280002 1000

Correct 3 DUMMY 499700 -1000

Correct 10010 280027 -1000

Correct 3 10010 499700 1000

For the first line the system gives an error message "Consolidation Profit Centre is not "Dummy". Please, correct the entry" despite the fact the Consolidation Profit Centre is "DUMMY".

Could you, please, share your ideas regarding this problem. Thanks.