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Analysis for Office 2.5 - RRI jump to query filter only 1 row

Apr 06 at 02:10 PM


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I am having issues with Analysis for office RRI jump passing filters.
RRI feature works fine and it does open the target query in another sheet but it passes filter only for the row which i select and jump from.

For example:

I have a report with customer and billing documents in the output. Customer 1 has 5 billing docs.

Customer 1 Invoice 1
Invoice 2
Invoice 3
Invoice 4
Invoice 5

When i click goto on Invoice 2 it open target query with Invoice 2 filtered. This works right.

When i click goto jump on customer 1 it open the target query with Customer 1 and invoice 1 filtered. It should give me all the invoices for customer 1 isnt it?

Wasn;t this the basic feature of RRI in old Bex analyzer?

Would really appreciate any help to solve this issue.


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Hi - I am sorry; I am not really following this. Would you please share some screen shots, using the image icon to upload, and also share the version/SP of Analysis Office you are running?


Hello Tammy,

What I am asking is I am having issue with the filters which gets passed when performing jump from one report to another.

For e.g. If i have 5 invoice docs for 1 customer in the output of the source report. If I right click on the Customer and click Goto target, I am expecting it to pass the customer filter as well as only those 5 invoice docs along with it. But what it is doing is just passing the customer number and the 1st invoice document to the target instead of all 5 invoice docs. (In the screenshot, Red highlight is what is passing to the target report when right click on Customer, blue highlight is what suppose to get passed as filter to the target report)

Version of my Analysis for office is below

Hope this helps



aao-version.jpg (32.2 kB)

Hi - would you please share screen shots of your RRI interface screens, as shown in this blog here:


RRI jump definition

rr-definition.jpg (112.9 kB)

Try populating the parameters column as shown:

rsbbs.jpg (7.0 kB)

Tried other options as well but didnt work


Goto on Customer (source query)

Output of the target query

goto.jpg (79.6 kB)
target.jpg (27.8 kB)
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