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How to add a new text field in CRM WEB UI with the latest interaction for a sold to ID.

Apr 06 at 01:23 PM


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I have a requirement in CRM Web UI customer interaction creation page, to show the latest interactions numbers of a particular category and dates.


Helps will be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Ligin,

For your requirement, we can think out two aspects:

1. How to add a view of text area to 'interaction record' creation screen.

2. You can get the latest interactions numbers of a particular category and dates already, but you just want to know how to show them inside the text area.

Are you asking both of them? Or just want to know one of them?

Also, would you please show us a screenshot and highlight where the texts are expected to be?

Best Regards, Corrine

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Corrine Guan

Hi Corrine,

Thanks for your response.

Answer for your question, yes, I am asking for both How to add a text area and how to populate the text area with the latest interactions numbers of a particular category and date.

Presently, latest interactions numbers are not available in the creation screen.

Please find the screen shot of "where I would like to add the text area. View is BT120H_CPL/Details

Thanking in Anticipation on your help regarding this.

Regards | Ligin

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1 Answer

Corrine Guan
Apr 23 at 02:12 AM

Hello Ligin,

Regarding how to add a text area inside the view BT120H_CPL/Details, I think there might be several ways.

Way 1. Using AET tool, you can create a 'form view' Table, with a field of 'long text' type, render as 'text area'. Then you add this field into BT120H_CPL/Details view. It will be displayed as a text area.

Way 2. Add a block into view BT120H_CPL/Details, then embed an note text into this block via 'Component Usage'. We can find an example by:

  1. logon IC_AGENT
  2. click 'interaction record' menu, go to interaction record creation screen and observe the logics in 'Notes' area or 'Activity Clipboard' area.

Regarding how to populate text area:

If the content inside the text area are only to be displayed, and only retrieved dynamically when the interaction transaction is displayed, it will be simple: consider writing your codes to retrieve data on the GET_ method for the attribute which is bound to the text area.

Best regards, Corrine

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