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Stock reduction based on sample withdrawal

Nov 01, 2016 at 11:36 AM


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The question is that how we can have a process where sampled amount is reduced from stock ?

e.g. like this:

  • We have received 1000 pce in warehouse
  • Sample is taken, 100 pce and sent to analysis.
    Now warehouse actually have 900 pce, but with current setting it shows that there is still 1000 pce

This sampled 100 pce must be reduced from warehouse inventory in point somewhere between sampling and UD or right after UD.

Please help for the above solution.

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2 Answers

Craig S
Nov 01, 2016 at 01:12 PM

There is a sample posting line in the UD. They can use QA11 to go in and do the stock posting. That's standard SAP.

If you don't want them to do that, create a custom transaction that collects the necessary data from the Warehouse guy and then submit the QA11 stock posting for them. Then if necessary they can go in and follow-up with any clean-up transactions in WM.

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Thanks for your reply.

How system Posting the Quantity 100 PCE in Sample and 900 in Unrestricted automatically based on the Usage Decision.

What standard setting need to maintain for the same ?

thanks in advance.


It's not automatic. How can it be?

How would the auto UD know what was taken for sample? It can't read minds.


Hello Craig S

This requirement for the Purchase order GRN related inspection lots only.

please refer the attached screen shot for your reference only qa13.png

Inspection lot qty 3.3 and Sample qty 1 only. it the time of the Stock posting system will minus the sample stock from the posting stock.

thanks for understanding.

qa13.png (34.6 kB)

That sample qty is only a calculated qty by the system. You first need to make sure you have a VERY robust process for determining that sample qty. I find most places don't. At least one that can be adopted and put in place into SAP. Unless you have a very limited number of materials. For instance, liquids are often purchase by KG or LB's. Sometimes GAL or L. The sample qty is usually done in the BUOM. But testing is often done by container. Are you sampling 1 kg of liquid? Or one small sample from every third drum? Are you actually going to inventory this? I.e. if you receive in a pallet of 4 drums, at 55 gallons per drum and you take a sample of 1 oz from each drum are you really going to track that 4 oz reduction? 1 oz from each drum?

What if you order in 5000 sterlie latex gloves. Maybe there are 50 to a carton. Are you inventoring cartons? Or eaches? Are you consuming a whole box for testing? Or just one set of gloves in the box?

What if it is bulk product ordered in tons? If you use a fixed sample size of 1 all the time, are you really taking a 1 ton sample?

Usually, many places have paperwork that makes its way to the lab to indicate how much was sampled. Then either the lab or a QA person makes the appropriate posting in the UD screen. This often works well for non-WM facilities. In WM faciliites, it may be necessary to have someone who is a dedicated sampler to do the posting and the WM moves.

In some cases, WM personnel can be trained to do the stock posting in QM UD screen and then they complete the WM postings. (i.e. if you have a large batch and take samples from multiple bins, you have to tell WM what bins you took the samples from, not just the whole qty). It may or may not be allowed to give these WM folks access to QA11 in some industries due to regulartory requirements around release of product. So then it might require a custom transaction for a WM person to do the stock postings into the QA11 screens.

So to really design this, you need to really understand the entire flow of the sample. Who collects it? When is it done? Is the place WM managed? What are the regulatory issues. How is it sampled? Does sampling chane because of lot size? Cause of number containers? Cause of container type? Where does the sample go. What paper work is with it. What are ALL the types of products being sampled?

I would be very hesitant to just consume material automatically based on that lot sample qty.


ketan thakar Dec 27, 2016 at 12:22 PM

thanks for your reply.

solution done with the Tick mark Destructive Inspection tick mark in MIC for Inspection plan.

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Would you expand on this? I wasn't aware that this was something that this results in an automatic posting at UD which is what you said you were looking for. My understanding was that this was just used in the calculation of the total sample required for the lot. It doesn't post this automatically. Unless that's come in as a new change in a new release or hot pack.



We have tested with the Inspection plan level with Transaction code CWBQM, Tick mark for Destructive Inspection added for all the Required characteristics. At the time of the UD Posting system will automatic post the TO Unrestricted and To Sample quantity.


I'll have to go back and retest that and research it. I believe that is something that has been changed at some point along the way.