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How can payment Advice email CSV file?

Apr 05 at 07:07 PM


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I want the ability to send the Payment Advice to Vendor email as a CSV or xml or excel file. Thinking the vendor would receive the file and load into their system to clear our open AR.

I am using Payment Medium Workbench for NACHA file creation from the payment medium in F110. I have been able to create Payment advice by specifying program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM in F110.

I have a pdf Payment Advice that RFFOAVIS_FPAYM creates. It emails to Vendor by using BTE 00002040 to specify the email address to send to. Also, I was able to change the subject using SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002050.

I have found one solution for creating a CSV file. I am creating the CSV file is by using a SAPSCRIPT to generate CSV like file. Then modifying c_finaa-textf = 'ASCII' in exit 00002040 to make it send a text file. But this solution has the following gotchas.

  • Standard SAP has the filename be the same as the subject of the email. My email subject contains spaces thus file name contains spaces. I could put modification into RFF0RI06 to change the filename to solve this gotcha.
  • The file comes gets sent with TXT extension instead of CSV. Another modification could solve this.

While my above hack gets around issues of sending a text file that a person could import into their system, but I am wondering if I missing an existing SAP solution to send Payment Advice as CSV, XML, or Excel file when processing the payment run in F110.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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2 Answers

Marek Turczynski Apr 09 at 09:29 PM

Hi Matthew,

for CSV you already figured it out - output in Excel would also require modifications. However, in case of XML, there is a standard solution - a business function FIN_APAR_PAYMT_ADV. With this function you get an option to generate Payment Advice in form of an XML and send it (if a vendor/customer has a flag 'Payment Advice by XML' marked in company-code-dependent master data) via PI. This function is available since EHP5.

Here is a general information on the BF:

Here is a customizing note for PI:

1348137 - PI configuration: Payment advice notes via Enterprise Services



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Former Member Apr 10 at 12:02 PM


Thanks for the reminder on business function FIN_APAR_PAYMT_ADV. I didn't really consider it in my earlier research because we don't have PI in our environment. But I will take a closer look to see if anything is possible without PI.



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