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Nov 01, 2016 at 11:06 AM

How to set up idoc inbound queue


Dear community members,

I need to set up the inbound queue for Idoc processing, but with no succes sofar. It concerns a file to Idoc scenario. I have set the QOS to EOIO and ticked the queue processing in the receiver Idoc adapter. I registered the queues in ECC, but still the Idocs arrive in we02 in stead of weinbqueue. I tried to find an overview of how to set up this scenario and I could only find old articles where it states that I need to create an entry in table IDXQUEUE in PI.

Is that still the case ? (Installation:SAP Basis 7.40). Iam unable to do so and the where used list for this table has no entries.

Is there any other settings that I am overlooking ?

Your help is very much appreciated. Also a link with all steps necessary would be welcome.