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how to mass close commercial documents on SAP Bussiness ONE

Apr 05 at 02:53 PM


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"Hello Everyone:

I need to close a lot of old marketing documents that the sales and purchase personel "forgot" to close. They are more than 1K, which makes it impractical to close them 1 by 1 within SBO...

I think there has to be a SAFE way to change the DocStatus in SQL based on the DocDate (basically everything before 01/01/2017).

We're Using SAP Business One 9.2 PL8 and SQL Server 2012...

I know that changing the Info directly in SQL is not exactly the best option, but there has to be a SAFE way to do it...

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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2 Answers

Agustin Marcos Cividanes Apr 05 at 03:52 PM


close documents by SQL is not a good idea, because when you close a sales order for example, the items are updated, the lines are closed, and more internal operations in SBO. This happens with all documents.

The best option is using SDK to close all documents.

If you think using SQL, I will not recommend you; SAP forbides this and you can create inconsistences in your database.

Kinds regards


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Abdul Mannan Apr 08 at 08:28 AM

Use DTW as if you directly update table in SQL you may loose SAP's support as its properly disclosed in SAP Note 896891 - Support Scope for SAP Business One - DB Integrity

SAP will not support any database, which is inconsistent, due to SQL-Queries, which modify datasets or the datastructure of the SAP Business One Database. This includes any update-, delete- or dropstatements executed via SQL-Server Tools or via the the query interface of SAP Business One. This is stated in the support contract between SAP and the SAP Business Partner also. "SAP will not provide support for any problem that arises because Partner or end customer has altered Software or SDK inappropriately " and "Nor will SAP provide any support services for problems that lie in Partner's or end customer's area of responsibility and result, for example, from inappropriate installation, unsatisfactory end-user training, lack of or incorrect business design, incorrect operation, or faulty hardware" Where inconsistencies are found in a database as outlined above, SAP Business One Product Support will be unable to process the incident further. In order to continue the support for this SAP Business One installation, it is expected to revert to a database backup where inappropriate changes have not been carried out. Other terms

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