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SAP Data Services job error


I have some errors when trying to execute a job in SAP data services. My job contains simple queries and a map operation (to update data).

Here is the error message :

Data flow DF_ESUR_SBEE_REC_PRIVATE|Reader Query SELECT query <SELECT * FROM "BWV_BMX_ESUR_DS"."DS_VIEW_712B1"> failed. The database error message is <SQL submitted to database <> resulted in error <[SAP AG][LIBODBCHDB DLL][HDBODBC] Connection not open;-10807 System call 'recv' failed, rc=10054:An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host {}>. The SQL submitted is <SELECT * FROM "BWV_BMX_ESUR_DS"."DS_VIEW_712B1">.>.

Furthermore, I don't use any view named DS_VIEW_712B1 in my job.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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  • Hi,

    Please, do someone have a suggestion on where I can found a solution.

    Should I give more informations ?

    Here is the job screenshot

    Thanks and best regards,


    home.png (12.1 kB)
  • Source and target HANA, right?

    Then the view is generated by DS. Check the generated SQL code. Try and execute it in HANA Studio or Web IDE to get more info.

  • Hi Venken,

    I tried to read the generated SQL but it is just unreadable. However I think I have too much data to handle in the request and the database refuses to process the request. In fact, it works when I include some filters to reduce the amount of data. I think I should optimize the job? Then I think I should implement it in a different way.

    Thanks a lot for you help and do not hesitated if you have any other comments.


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