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Dynamic Analytic Privilege procedure - call stack

Apr 05 at 02:04 PM


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Hi Gurus,

I would need a little help with dynamic analytic privilege and procedure.

We are using a procedure to control the dynamic analytic privilege. Now we need to create quite a number of analytic privileges as we need to restrict to quite a number of views / information models. Approach seems to need to create for each analytic privilege one procedure -> means many procedures.
I would like to create one procedure (which would dynamically create the where part for the privilege), which would be in all analytic privilege objects instead of many procedures.
For this purpose I however need to know which privilege object called the procedure. Based on this information I will fetch the respective data from a control / settings table.

Similar to ABAP stack, where I can check who called my object I am trying to find this information out in the procedure.

Does anyone know a way please?

Thank you in advance

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2 Answers

Shireesha Kandukoori
Apr 05 at 05:59 PM

Hi Martin,

I have understood your scenario that you want to use a single procedure for restricting many different views with dynamic analytic privilege

For ex: View1 with Analyticprev1 and View2 with Analyticprev2, with View3 with Analyticprev3 and a single procedure say proc1 is being used in all above analytic privileges.

When View1 is previewed it will restrict data as per the procedure input in Analyticprev1 - and your question is 'how to write procedure in such a way it return output based on the analytic privilege it is being called'

If my understanding is wrong, can you please give sample example with data



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Martin Kuma Apr 09 at 09:09 AM

Hi Shireesha,

correct. I would like to use one proc for AnalyticPriv1, AnalyticPriv2, …

The problem is of course in View1, View2, … . Each View uses different authorization fields. So I have to create the WHERE part differently for each and every AnalyticPriv.

Have you had a similar scenario please?


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