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Error logging on RF ITS service

Hi everyone!

I implemented custom CSS file for our RFUI service, by copying MOBILE.CSS and setting ~ITSMOBILECSSINCLUDE paramer with the new CSS file name.

All works good, but basis administrator watches errors in SM21 and ICF log. Errors occur when users make logon on RFUI. Nothing wrong happens, only error messages, but I need to fix it somehow. For unknown reason the system tries to address service sap/public/bc/its/mimes/zrfui/ALV_GRID.CSS which didn't exist. I've created it, but with no use.

Without ~ITSMOBILECSSINCLUDE there are no errors, so obviously, it is the cause.

What can I do to set it right?

Any help will be appreciated.

Errors text


05.04.2018 16:47:51 ewd_EWD_00 DIA 007 000 @5B\Qwarning@R47Delete session T1_U5053_M0 after error Internal error [Error/Core]

where 007 is process number (can be also 009 and 002), 000 is a client

Error in ICF log:

<ErrorInfo URL=""> <ErrorMessage> Path interpretation error "/SAP/PUBLIC/BC/ITS/MIMES/ZRFUI/ALV_GRID.CSS". Object name: "ZRFUI/ALV_GRID.CSS".</ErrorMessage> <Date>20180404</Date> <Time>173838</Time> <Client>000</Client> <User></User> <TerminationType>ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE</TerminationType> <ABAP-CallStack> <Method> <Name>IF_HTTP_EXTENSION~HANDLE_REQUEST</Name> <Program>CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS_MIMES=========CP</Program> </Method> <Method> <Name>EXECUTE_REQUEST</Name> <Program>CL_HTTP_SERVER================CP</Program> </Method> <Function> <Name>HTTP_DISPATCH_REQUEST</Name> <Program>SAPLHTTP_RUNTIME</Program> </Function> <Module> <Name>%_HTTP_START</Name> <Program>SAPMHTTP</Program> </Module> </ABAP-CallStack> </ErrorInfo>

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4 Answers

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    Apr 09, 2018 at 11:39 AM

    Here is the solution found by one of my colleagues:

    We've added ALV_GRID copied from ITS-mobile to MIME-repository in SE80, with sap/public/bc/its/mimes/zrfui folder created.

    Now log in SM21 is OK.

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    • Hi Alex,

      thats uesful to know. Thanks for sharing.

      Did you compare your own CSS: "mymobile" set in ~ITSMOBILECSSINCLUDE against the default CSS style sheet of the mobile.css file from the ITSMOBILE service?

      Were they different? That may explain the root cause of the issue, or else your own "mymobile" CSS was not published.



  • Apr 06, 2018 at 01:01 PM

    Hi Alexey,

    Could you please share the complete GUI Configuration of the service you created?

    The ALV Grid feature for ITSmobile is available as of SAP note 1668784.

    Please also check whether the basic steps, like the ones presented in KBA 2242078, were followed.

    Thank you,

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  • Apr 06, 2018 at 03:03 PM

    Thanks for answering, Cristiano!

    SICF GUI settings are quite standart:

    Looks like all other is also good. I've found no clues in the notes.

    And there is no visible problem with logging on (it's always successful), just errors in SM21, like this:

    Only in ICF log I can see more detailed text. You can see it in my first post.

    Best regards, Alex.

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  • Jun 21, 2018 at 07:21 AM

    Hi Alexey,

    I got the same error as you and found out that the error was in the custom CSS. You probably copied the standard CSS file like I did. I found out that this file is referencing the ALV_GRID.css file which does not exists. I've commented out the line and all is fine now. That's why it works when you remove your call to your custom CSS.



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