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ASCS host R3trans -d does not work


I have a distributed environment when i do R3trans -d then the output comes (000) but when I do the same on ASCS instance host it gives (0012) error.

I know that it works on with application and db there is nothing to do with ASCS instance but I need document/link/SAP Note please share.

Thanks in Advance

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  • can you provide trans.log

  • Hi Imtiaz,

    4 ETW000 R3trans version 6.25 (release 745 - 16.01.17 - 20:16:07). 4 ETW000 unicode enabled version 4 ETW000 =============================================== 4 ETW000 4 ETW000 date&time : 11.04.2018 - 10:06:35 4 ETW000 control file: <no ctrlfile> 4 ETW000 R3trans was called as follows: R3trans -d 4 ETW000 trace at level 1 opened for a given file pointer 4 ETW000 [ dev trc,00000] Wed Apr 11 10:06:35 2018 4 ETW000 [dbcon.c ,00000] *** ERROR => Invalid profile parameter dbms/type (or environment variable dbms_type) = <undef>, cannot load DB library 2EETW169 no connect possible: "environment variable dbms_type is not set."

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