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Error in business completion

Following error is coming for PM order before business completion.

Unprocessed future change recs for order 910000083 prevent del. flag/completion

Message no. CO688


There are still future change records or error records to be processed from the confirmation for the confirmation processes in order 910000083. Possible confirmation processes are:

*Automatic goods receipt


*Calculation of actual costs

*Data transfer to HR

System Response

You are not meant to set the deletion flag/'completed' status for orders with future change records that have not been processed.


You should process the open future change records using

Predefined confimration process or

The CORUPROC program, by dispatching it in Customizing in a background job (dispatch background jobs: dispatching processes).

Check if incorrect goods movements or incorrect actual cost calculations exist for the order, and reprocess these if necessary:

Reprocessing incorrect goods movements

Reprocessing incorrect actual cost calculations

I m not able to understand this error. How can I rectify this ?



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3 Answers

  • Sep 15, 2008 at 03:27 PM

    Ensure that 'No HR transfer' is checked in OIOR for each Plant/Order Type combination valid for PM orders. This will ensure that for all future orders created closure will be possible after TECO and settlement.

    The outstanding orders will need to be corrected. For this apply OSS note 418584.

    First check your Customizing settings for the confirmation (Transaction OPK4): If you do not use HR, you must set the 'No HR update' indicator.

    You can delete preselections that are not required using report Z_AFRP4_DELETE. As of Release 5.00 you can also delete the entire HR pool of orders/operations in Transaction CO1P by selecting a pushbutton. To add the push button refer to OSS Note 756547

    Execute Program Z_AFRP4_DELETE

    Then check table AFRP4 u2013 there should no entries in the table.

    You should not get this error anymore for both new and outstanding orders

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    • Hi,

      At business completion a number of checks are done to ensure all data belonging to this order has been processed properly.

      Have you checked table AFRP4 to see if any records exist for this order ? If there are records then follow the instructions given in the first answer to this thread - Use Z_AFRP4_DELETE to remove these records assuming you don't need them transfered to HR. Set the customizing flag 'No HR Update' in transaction OIOR to prevent records being added to this table in future.

      If that is not the reason then check for AFRC records. If records exist here that indicates Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations. Solution is to use transaction COFC for the orders that are affected. There must have been a problem when these confirmations were posted. To do this:

      Execute transaction COFC. When the result list is displayed, set

      the checkmarks for the orders and press the SAVE Button.

      This instructs the system to re-calculates order costs. If all is ok the error entry is removed.


  • Sep 16, 2008 at 10:03 AM

    Hi VM


    First check " you have given deletion flag for the order "

    I think u have set deletion flag, since u are using CATS, the duration of work u entered is alreayd processed to HR master data.

    so u ahve to remove all the hours entered for the particular order, if ur gng for deletion.

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    Sep 16, 2008 at 03:11 PM

    Thanx to all.

    Problem is solved by setting the flag of No HR updates in OPK4 and running t code CO1P.



    Edited by: V M on Sep 16, 2008 5:11 PM

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