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Max Date in Webi 4.2

Apr 05 at 05:00 PM


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I have a Webi Report with only two columns as shown below. The Date is a date field and the Count is a measure.

I want to show only MAX date from the Date column and respective Count next to it. Ideally, it should look like this (I applied the filter to get the desired output):

Since the values of the date could be different every time, I am trying to achieve the expected result using MAX function (=max([Date]), however, when I do that, I am getting the sum of all values with the max date and not the respective value as you can see below:

How can I acheieve desired result with the help of a variable?

webi-report1.png (10.6 kB)
webi-report2.png (3.7 kB)
webi-report3.png (3.6 kB)
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2 Answers

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Apr 05 at 07:21 PM

Create variable show/hide=if(date)=max(date) in block then “show” else “hide”

Apply filter on show/hide where equal to show and drag dimension variable of count in the table

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Thank you, Amit, for your response again. I was able to get the desired result with your input--nice workaround! Just to let you know, I did not have to create a new dimension for the Count as it worked just as fine as a measure. Again, many thanks!

Apr 05 at 06:14 PM

Create dimension variable for Count object and drag the same in the table.

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Thanks, Amit. I tried your suggestion but that did not help:(


Could you answer my another question