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Blank page in Webi reports

Nov 01, 2016 at 09:40 AM


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I have created a letter form report with 4 pages. This report contains one Horizontal table in 3rd page. When I run the report the horizontal table is extending to next page by leaving lot of blank pages.( Getting total 8 pages on running the report, Page 1-fine, page 2- blank, page 3- fine, page 4 - blank, page 5- fine, page 6 - horizontal table extended till here, page 7 - fine, page 8 - blank) Because of page 6 I am getting 2,4,8 as blank page. Can anyone please suggest a solution.

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2 Answers

Nov 02, 2016 at 11:20 AM

Try with these steps.

Add one row above in the Horizontal table.

Add variable1=runningcount([Your Object]) (This is going to be measure variable)

One more variable Show/Hide=[variable1] (This variable type select as dimension)

Drag Show/Hide in the first row.It will generate the sequence number.Add filter on the table to restrict the values like less than 10.with this in first table you will get 10 records only.

Copy then same table and paste again.Change the filter in second table to get the records from 11 to 20.

Right click on the second table->Format Table-> tick the box "Hide when empty".with this if records are less then 11 then second table will be hidden automatically.

Last is right click on the Show/Hide object in the table and hide the dimension.

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Kuldeep Ghosh Nov 01, 2016 at 10:06 AM

Is there any column which is by any chance shifting to the second page? Check that. Try decreasing the width of the column, so that all of them can be adjusted to one page.

Also try setting the "Horizontal records per page" to a higher number. Default value is 20. that means one page an have 20 col.

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None of the column is shifted to second page. Everything is fine. I am expecting a solution like, if the column of horizontal table extends to second page, it should break down to the existing page.


Just to test can you modify/reduce the width of all the column appearing on the page. I have seen this issue and mostly it comes due to the reason i mentioned above. Check all the pages on which data is coming.

Is it possible to give us a screenshot of the report.


I tried reducing the width of the columns, no issues in that. Even I run the report with various prompt values. Only when the horizontal table extends to next page, then I am getting blank page along with other three pages. Is it possible to prevent horizontal table extending to next page. Instead of extending to next page, I need to display in same page by breaking the horizontal length in to two(one by one)


Is the column width/height are selected to Autofit? If yes mention the width of the column, so that it should not exceed a particular value and select the Word Wrap option for all the columns.


width is fixed size and height is autofit with word wrap enabled.