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Sep 15, 2008 at 08:36 AM

Linkage - Outbound document and Inbound document


Dear all,

We are actually developing a program to show the balance quantity for the goods in transit (GIT) which created by the PO-STO (plant to plant).

There is one standard SAP report for GIT, however, it is unable to fulfill our needs. Currently, we realized the following table structure design.

-> EKPO - get the PO line item

-> From EKPO, we link to LIPS - get the relevant outbound doc (line


-> With the outbound doc, we link to EKES - get the "external

document" field which stores the outbound delivery document no.

(enter manually in the inbound delivery document's header level)

-> With this, we are able to know what is the inbound delivery document

no. used for the PO-line items.

-> However, at this point, if there is a batch split for a material with 2

line items in the inbound delivery document (same batch no but

different quantities), it would be difficult to check which line item in

the inbound delivery document is matching the line item in the

outbound delivery document.

Is there any workaround for this solution?

p/s: Currently we are using SAP R/3 v4.7 - is this a SAP limitation or there is a solution in the market.

Thank you in advance for the helps.