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Navigation from OVP to KPI not working...

Dear Experts,

I have created an Overview page using Web Ide and I want to navigate to my custom KPI app on clicking the data point on analytical card. When I click on the card I get the error message "Navigation to this application is not supported."

I searched about it but no luck . Please help to resolve this issue.

What I have done is:

- Provided the Semantic object and action of my KPI app under the UI identification annotation

-created KPI app and is existing on the Launchpad and is running fine

Below is the code snippet from Manifest.Jason of my OVP

"card02": {
"model": "ZS4_ENCONS_CDS",
"template": "",
"settings": {
"title": "{{card02_title}}",
"subTitle": "{{card02_subTitle}}",
"entitySet": "ZS4_ENCONS",
"selectionAnnotationPath": "",
"chartAnnotationPath": "",
"dataPointAnnotationPath": "",
"identificationAnnotationPath": "",
"navigation": "dataPointNav"

Below is snippet from Annotation file

<Annotations Target="ZS4_ENCONS_CDS.ZS4_ENCONSType">
<Annotation Term="UI.Identification" Qualifier="EMPDBR">
<Record Type="UI.DataFieldForIntentBasedNavigation">
<PropertyValue Property="SemanticObject" String="empdetails"/>
<PropertyValue Property="Action" String="analyzeSBKPIDetails"/>
<Annotation Term="UI.Chart" Qualifier="ANNEBR">
<Record Type="UI.ChartDefinitionType">
<PropertyValue Property="ChartType" EnumMember="UI.ChartType/Bar">
<Annotation Term="Common.Label" String="Enabled by Region"/>
<PropertyValue Property="Measures">
<PropertyValue Property="MeasureAttributes">
<Record Type="UI.ChartMeasureAttributeType">
<PropertyValue Property="Measure" PropertyPath="EnabledResources">
<Annotation Term="Common.Label" String="EnabledResources"/>

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  • I further changed something and now I am getting the error "Failure to initialize" (as shown in screen shot attached) when I try to navigate to standard app, it works fine. Something is wrong with my custom KPI, I have created using KPI workspace.

    browser error log says "startup parameters doesn't have evaluation id", which i am not sure where to maintain.

    Can someone please help to fix this issue?




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1 Answer

  • Oct 10, 2018 at 02:18 PM

    Hi Vijay

    I know it's a time ago, but could you be able to navigate through the application foorplan (tiles -> OVP (Cards) -> App? I have trouble with the navigation from OVP (Card) to a single fiori app.

    Many thanks


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