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Sep 14, 2008 at 06:03 PM

Workflow issue: Sales Area input in Transaction MM06.


Hello There.

I am unable to pass the sales area parameters - Sales Organization "VKORG" and Distribution channel "VTWEG" required to pass along with material number to set the flag for deleting the material while triggering my business object method in workflow.

This is how I performed,

1. I created a subtype of Standard business object "BUS10001006" say "ZDAVE_BOBJ".

2. I also redefined my method "Delete" which originally called BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE, now using my custom BAPI "ZDAVE_MATERIAL_DELETE".

3. As necessary "Delegated" them.

4. My BAPI contains a BDC for setting the flag as delete.

5. I used this business object to trigger my redefined event in workflow.

6. As the workflow encounters my business object it asks for material number and it works fine.

The Flag is set for deletion of material.

But, as Sales Areas - there may be many sales document numbers for a single material or even Vice versa.

My business object handles only for a particular sales organization and distribution channel.

I require to enable input for the other two fields as well as with material number.

Even in standard business object the key field is MATNR, so it by default or as mandatory asks for it.

But, It is not the right way to add those other two fields as key fields.

I suppose that my requirement is clear.

How can I construct my efforts to get the things working the better way.

Good Luck & Regards.

Harsh Dave