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Sep 14, 2008 at 04:28 PM

updating database table


Hello All,

I am trying to update a database table, the new values for the table will come from input fields from a table.

I created a value node...and created three attributes to it...let say name, age, current date. the node structure looks like this:








to begin with i just enable two first rows of the table to input I am trying to copy this input data to the model table...coming from BAPI....

model node structure looks like this:

node: Zbapi




outtab <---this is the table i want to pass my data

but I am not able to do so...

I also tried to bind the bapi table(outtab) directly to the UI that the data can go directly to the bapi and i donot need to copy my value node to the model table....but the input fields are grayed out i can not input any data to it...i could not add the elements to this model table....

can anyone pls tell me how can i bind my outtab to the UI element for user to input data....