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BI Platform in Clustered Environment


I'd like to ask several questions regarding the BO Installation in a clustered environment cause I only found document regarding the cluster installation, not about the maintenance.

1. For Promotion Management, what should be set as the target system? Do we point to the Load Balancer url and then it will sync to all the nodes? Or do we point to one of the nodes and then it will sync to the other nodes? Or do we need to promote to every single nodes?

2. Is it also the same treatment as above when changing configuration like for the server address of OLAP connection, Access Levels and User Groups?

Thank you.

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    Apr 04, 2018 at 01:48 PM

    There are three entry points in a typical BO enterprise environment.

    One entry point is HTTP, for web browsers. This by default is served by Tomcat but can be a front-end web server or load balancer (or a combination). You would use this for BI launch pad and CMC; and is a URL such as http://server:8080/BOE/BI.

    The second entry point is the CMS. At least one CMS service must be running in a cluster. It is the CMS that you are connecting to from a PM job.

    A connection to a CMS can be specified in one of two ways:

    1. Using a CMS host (node) and port name. The port name does not have to be specified if the CMS is running on the default port of 6400.

    2. Using the cluster name. Every cluster has a name, and it defaults to the name of the host with a n "@" prefix.

    For example, you might have three servers, boserver1, boserver2, and boserver3, all members of cluster @bo-prod, and all running a CMS. You can specify a connection to this cluster using any of the following:


    But the last one would be the preferred method, and would be what you would use in a PM job.

    Anything that asks for a CMS or cluster name (IDT/UDT, PM, etc.) will need one of the above, NOT a URL.

    The third entry point is WACS. This is used for services including the REST API. This is specified as a URL and needs to point to a host that is running the WACS service. This by default is on port 6405, so it would be specified as http://boserver:6405/biprws, for example.

    Regarding your question about having to sync to other nodes: no, you don't. All the content in one cluster is shared by all nodes.

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    • Hi,

      Thank you, that's quite enlightening.

      I have been finding some very strange situation in my current project, which I never seen before in my previous projects.

      Strange enough to made me doubt myself and all of my experiences.

  • Apr 04, 2018 at 08:34 AM

    Dear Donnie Burhan,

    1)In Promotion Management, you have to use any node name which has the CMS service installed and running as target system.

    for ex: you have W1,W2(Web Servers),C1,C2(CMS Servers), P1,P2(Processing Servers) then on promotion management you can use either C1/C2 name where this is servers has CMS service.

    2) changing Server address in OLAP connection - you can login into CMC and changing the OLAP conneciton configuration. as this information will be updated to repository Database, so there i no need to do for every node.

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  • Apr 04, 2018 at 11:48 AM

    Your question shows that you are not familiar with BI platform architecture and functionality.
    Please start with reading user guides here : and by taking some BI platform related courses on
    You can also review pattern books, which cover topics you are asking about with real life scenarios :

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