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Sep 12, 2008 at 08:51 PM

Launch URL/BSP from attachments link in workitem in Universal Worklist


Background info:

We have a custom business object. Default method on object in SWO1 is a custom display method. This display method returns a URL to a BSP.

When I open my workitem in SBWP and click the attachments link, it properly launches the URL which opens the BSP.

However, when I open same workitem in Universal worklist and click the attachments link, it does not properly open the BSP. It looks like it's trying to open a SAP GUI version of the object but nothing is displayed. When our developer puts a breakpoint in the ABAP code and we click the workitem link in UWL, the URL/BSP opens fine. So, UWL config must be doing something extra (added code? redirect?) that clobbers the URL/BSP launch. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?



*Reminder, We are not trying to launch the BSP when you click the workitem link in the UWL list. This is the attachments link inside the workitem itself.