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Former Member
Sep 12, 2008 at 12:25 PM

JobServerChild.exe rises to 100% CPU usage (boXI r2)


On a single server install of business objects XI release2 (deski job server we are seeing JobServerChild.exe processes rising to 100% CPU usage and remaining there unless manually terminated. Typically we end up with 4 processes (on a 4CPU machine) each trying to use a whole CPU. I've kept track of some of these over a few days and the same process is remaining alive and increasing the resources used until the whole machine is unusable (if left alone).

I understand that these processes are related to scheduled jobs and have checked these, but have not been able to link it to any particular job. Most of our scheduled jobs are running overnight (3-4 in working hours) and running reports produced in deski to be saved on the server or mailed to users. I've spread this schedule out so that no more than 2 reports run in any 15 minute period but this hasn't impacted the problem noticably. All of these reports will refresh manually in 2 minutes or less.

Is there something that can be configured to prevent this occuring?

Apologies if I've missed anything obvious, google keeps returning links to old, inaccesible forum pages.

Many thanks for any input.