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Can anyone please help me with error in SAP BOC front-end and s4/Hana BackEnd (CDS Queries)??

Apr 05 at 06:35 PM


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Hi everyone, I have an error on the BOC Platform (Version 2018.5.0), here are the details: 1.- I create one CDS view of query type

2.- I create a model on BOC via Live Connection

3.- when I create the Story, I take the key figure and one dimension and all right ok, but when I want to create one measure restricted for example GLACCOUNT, the platform send a error

4.- I have two CDS views with defined key figures, on one CDS the key figures is defined by formula, example:

@AnalyticsDetails.query.axis:#COLUMNS @EndUserText.label:'Credit Balance' @DefaultAggregation:#FORMULA @Semantics.amount.currencyCode:'CompanyCodeCurrency' @AnalyticsDetails:{exceptionAggregationSteps:[{exceptionAggregationBehavior:#SUM,exceptionAggregationElements:['LedgerFiscalYear']}]} @AnalyticsDetails.query.formula:'$projection.GLAcctCreditAmtInCoCodeCrcy'1as CreditAmountInCoCodeCrcy.....

and another CDS is :

@Semantics.amount.currencyCode:'CompanyCodeCurrency' @DefaultAggregation:#SUM @AnalyticsDetails.query.axis:#COLUMNS DebitAmountInCoCodeCrcy....

In the first scenario the platform send the error, but not on the second.

This is error: "Error [Server]: Error de sistema en programa CL_RSR_OLAP y FORM IF_RSR_OLAP~ADD_OR_MODIFY_SELECTION-01; MsgClass: -"

Someone knows or has something similar, that can help me ????

Thanks and regards.

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Hi Francisco,

Were you able to get this working?

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1 Answer

Ingo Hilgefort
Apr 05 at 09:34 PM

Hello Francisco,

I would suggest to open a support ticket and share those details. I am sure they can help you to resolve the issue.


Ingo Hilgefort, SAP

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