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SAP Personas 3.0 performance


I am using SAP Personas 3.0 and I have some performance problems. The loading time after any action in the screen is really long.

I have already read the performance guide, but there I did not get any solution, just a few information about the causing.

The program is quite big and has a lot of screen elements (buttons, texts, input fields, pictures) and every element has been changed in the flavor (change of font size, position....). So that might be one reason for the bad performance and long loading time.

I also have created a script which will be executed in the afterRefresh-event. In this script one field will be hidden/shown and another field will be colored differently. That can be another reason.

I already checked some parameters in RZ11 but the values are OK.

In Personas 2.0 it was possible to enable "delta rendering", but this isn't in 3.0. Are there any alternatives?

Does any of you have an idea how I can optimize the performance? Or is there no option because of my big changings of all the screen elements?



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1 Answer

  • Apr 06, 2018 at 12:22 PM
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    • I have modified the script with all hints from the video. All data declarations ("var = ") at the beginning and all write actions at the end of the script. But the changings did not lead to a better performance.

      So I tested something. First I deleted the script from the onAfterRefresh and executed the program without the script. Time was about 2 seconds. This would be OK.

      Then I set the script again but in the script were no write actions. I just wrote the coding for the data declaration. I executed the program again. Time was about 3-4 seconds. Would still be OK.

      Then I set the complete script (as you can see attached). Performance still as bas as before. Time was about 7 seconds.

      So I thought the bas performance might come from a bad network. But obviously the script is the problem. And obviously the write actions in the script is the problem.script-modified.txt