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Block vendor invoice with BAPI_ACC_PYMNTBLK_UPDATE_POST

Hello to everyone,

Here is the situation: We have created several vendor invoices with the transaction code FB60, all the vendor invoices can be seen at the transaction code FBL1N. The problem is, we would like to block some open vendor invoices with BAPI, we had used BAPI_ACC_PYMNTBLK_UPDATE_POST to do so, we also used the commit transaction. The return of the BAPI was a successful message (something like 'Document posted successfully'), but when we go to the FBL1N transaction the item isn't blocked. Other weird thing, is that in the BAPI_ACC_PYMNTBLK_UPDATE_POST we can't pass the reason of the payment block, this is confusing, because at the GUI we have to set the reason of the block. The question is, Is there anything else we have to do to make this bapi work? We do not see the block flag set on the invoice in table BSEG.

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1 Answer

  • Apr 06, 2018 at 07:50 AM
    • Did the BAPI return any Warning/Error message in RETURN parameter?
    • Does the BAPI trigger FI_PAYMENT_BLOCK_UPDATE in your system (is the FM associated to the process 'PYMNTBLK' in table TRWPR)

    Hint: Try to put a break-point at start of FI_PAYMENT_BLOCK_UPDATE.

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    • Hi Raymond, Thanks for the reply

      We solve the problem by developing an ABAP program that calls FI_DOCUMENT_CHANGE inside of it. Then, we don't need to use FI_PAYMENT_BLOCK_UPDATE anymore. But, thanks for the help.