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Nov 01, 2016 at 07:06 AM

Influence of Goods receipt time in shelf life in APO


Hi Experts,

We have a product with shelf life 20 days and a maturation period of 5 days, a GR of 2 days.

It takes an hour to produce 100 units of the material. When I have a demand of 100 units on the 01.06 and the shelf life heuristics in PPDS creates a planned order which is available on 26.05, the start and end of production is on 23.05. When I check the column Req. Max shelf life date (SL Date 2 ; which calculates the expiration date of the planned order) it displays the expiration date on 15.06; but instead shouldnt it display on 13.05 ?

Please let me know your views.