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sap.ui.export missing in SAP UI5 version 1.52

Apr 05 at 05:23 AM


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Hi experts,

I just downloaded eclipse neon and downloaded the latest ui5 plugin on it(1.52.5). I would like to use sap.ui.export library since it was recommended by 1 article i've read regarding exporting table data into spreadsheet. Apparently, upon checking the sdk, plugin and even the core library of 1.52 version, the said library was missing.

I've checked 1.50 sdk and found the said library on it. I've check the change logs as well but there were no changes made or removal made for the said library. Is this a glitch or the library was intentionally removed?

Is there any way I can integrate ui5 sdk 1.50 to my neon eclipse manually since the install update only gives the latest version?

Thank you in advance!

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2 Answers

Nabi Zamani Apr 05 at 06:57 AM

That sounds weird, because it's definitely in 1.52.5:

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Yes it's weird. But on the plugin I downloaded from eclipse it is missing.


here is the screenshot

snap.png (74.0 kB)

sap.ui.export is not part of OpenUI5. Can you cross check whether you are using OpenUI5 or SAPUI5?
Manually downloading the SAPUI5 Runtime or SDK from will contain sap.ui.export for sure.


Hi Nabi,

This makes sense now. My assumption from the very beginning was that, whatever library was in SAPUI5 also exist in OPENUI5. This leads me to this question:

Is it possible to install SAPUI5 plugin to my eclipse at the same time integrate some OPENUI5 libraries/SDK into it(to eclipse itself or per Application)? If yes, how can I achieve it?

And to answer your question, Yes I downloaded SAPUI5 plugin from eclipse and not OPENUI5. Please see screenshot below:

ss.png (55.4 kB)

I see... As far as I know the UI5 plugin for eclipse is only in maintenance mode, so I would not expect too much from it. Instead, my suggestion for you would be switching to an NPM/Grunt project setup. As a result you don't nee to use Eclipse and the plugin anymore. For me the plugin has stopped bringing any value many years ago...

What are the reasons you want to use the plugin?


This is well noted. Just so you know, I am just new to UI5 and just following standard way of installing UI5.

First of, I really need to use eclipse or NWDS for me to be able to produce an EAR file which will then be deploy to Netweaver server. With that i need to install ui5 to my eclipse and the only way I know so far is by downloading plugin provided by Thank you for the suggestion btw. Ill try to check on that.

Henry Caparas Apr 05 at 08:57 AM

Here is the screenshot of 1.52.9 sdk i have downloaded. No library sap.ui.export.

sdk1-52-9.png (37.4 kB)
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