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Former Member
Apr 05, 2018 at 05:23 AM

sap.ui.export missing in SAP UI5 version 1.52


Hi experts,

I just downloaded eclipse neon and downloaded the latest ui5 plugin on it(1.52.5). I would like to use sap.ui.export library since it was recommended by 1 article i've read regarding exporting table data into spreadsheet. Apparently, upon checking the sdk, plugin and even the core library of 1.52 version, the said library was missing.

I've checked 1.50 sdk and found the said library on it. I've check the change logs as well but there were no changes made or removal made for the said library. Is this a glitch or the library was intentionally removed?

Is there any way I can integrate ui5 sdk 1.50 to my neon eclipse manually since the install update only gives the latest version?

Thank you in advance!