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SAP SAC Planning Features

I had few questions as below on the Planning side in - SAP SAC release. Would be great if I could get some light on that.

1) Can we write data between multiple planning models. as I heard that calculations are on the fly and cannot be saved to the database.

For example I would want to calculate some custom calculations like local member calculations / Calculated Measure and then save the Calculated measure output in model "A". Now I want to use that saved value in another Model B and build another Calculated Measure using the previous Calculated measure stored a get a new Column and write the output of the new Calculated measure in Model B.

2) Can we create input templates into the model, like blank templates to input data when there is no data in the model for SAC?

3) What is the Maximum GB size of data a Planning Model can hold in SAP SAC?

4) Can we call ABAP BADI / Write any calculations like Script logic ( using Loops , do else while etc... in SAP SAC)

5) Do we have any Data Archiving Mechanism in SAP SAC?

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2 Answers

  • Apr 04, 2018 at 03:39 PM

    Hi Shankar,

    I guess you need to look at SAC more as a Cloud tool, which works different to on premise tools. it is based on a HANA database, where you can either load data (for planning models this is what you do), and you could then also push data down into BPC if you want to.

    To answer some of the questions from my experience.

    1. I believe that the only way you could do it is by using linked models, and then do this. Alternatively, this would work when working with a Grid page.

    2. yes, this is possible.

    3. I believe the limitation is the space availlable for you in SAC (according to your subsciption). you do have some data volume constraints, a good overview you can find here:

    4. This has to be done in the back end, not the frond end, and then imported into SAC.

    5. It's a HANA database tool, so the whole concept of archiving is different.

    I hope this helps. Daniel

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    • Hi Daniel. Hope you are well.

      Could you please elaborate your answer for question 2?

      I tried to use tables and grids to create an input layout.

      Without data I was impossible even to create a table layout. After loading draft data, I was able to create the table but it does not allow to append new lines. For example, I didn't find a way to insert May,17 on this table:

      Regarding grids, it is not ease to grasp how can I connect a layout there with my model.

      Hope you can elucidate this doubt.

      Thanks and regards.


  • Apr 16, 2018 at 12:01 PM

    Thank you for the responses Dan and John. I was able to link dimensions from various models , but I think you will not be able to save data to the database , in case you are using any calculation using the Cross calculation ( calculated measure).

    For example I want to get a variance of Actual vs plan in a Grid view . (I understand the variance is now possible as a chart in when taken as a Responsive page.) But i am not able to build the same comparison as we used to do in BPC (using local member calculation). The local member calculation was then referenced to another member and sent to DB using EPM send functionality .

    I was looking for some similar functionality like that.

    One other challenge I noticed is the comments feature. The comments are wonderful in SAP SAC when we use the members, how ever they get disabled when any calculations or any Restricted measure are in place. Also if we export the data to the system, we are not able to see where the comments are stored.

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