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E-mail Error

Dear All,

We have thousands of users in SolMan, very few out the thousands are not getting e-mail when creating a ticket. I was trying to resolve the issue but couldn't find out any reason why it is not happening to these few users. It is now became a burning issue. There is no error in e-mail and in e-mail setting. They are receiveing e-mails from othe tickets.

I will appreciate any help! I now look forward to hearing from you soon!!!


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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Sep 11, 2008 at 06:36 PM

    Hi Muhammed-

    Here are a few things that can be checked:

    1. If it is possible to trace who created the ticket (for the user who isn't getting the email), have you opened the ticket in the Transaction Monitor and identified any errors on the Action tab? Usually a red status for a send email to will tell you the exact reason why the email isnt fired.

    2. Is the users Email address maintained on the BP record?

    3. Is the users Email addressed in their user master record (SU01)?

    4. Have you tried to troubleshoot by looking in SCOT

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    • Former Member

      Hi SolManiac,

      I did every thing you said and then posted it on the forum. There is no error on the SCOT. Also I saw in the SOST no e-mail generated.

      Is there any other thing I can do?


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    Former Member
    Sep 11, 2008 at 07:59 PM

    Hi Muhammed-

    How are they creating the tickets? NOTIF_CREATE, Satellite system, ...

    When you look at the tickets they create, is their BP in the Reported By field or is it blank or their username?

    Can you manually send them an email from the Action toolbox while in their ticket? You may have to enable the default action if you turned this action off.

    When you say "They are receiveing e-mails from othe tickets.

    ", what are you referring to? Other tickets created in other sysems?

    In transaction BP, make sure that the combo box "standard comm method" (below the email address) has "email" selected. It's easy to overlook.

    If that field is filled out, I would troubleshoot it by creating a new test BP. Test the email address of someone who the emails are working for, then test it for an email address that isn't working. This way you can eliminate that the address is the problem and focus on the user/BP.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Please let me know what is action tool box, is it action Tab on crm_dno_monitor and how to send e-mail manually from the Action toolbox while in their ticket?

      When you go to change mode, a new icon will appear near the top middle part of your ticket. It looks like a couple of gears. From there you can select actions to use on your message. One action that is there by default is to mail the message creator.

      Example: when I create ticket and assign it to them they are getting e-mail. But when they are re-assiging and or creating a new ticket myself or others are not getting e-mail. Have you looked at the actions tab of the tickets that aren't working? Are there any actions that have a red icon next to them?

      Where can I enable the default action on?

      Go to the IMG and do a search for Action. Click on that activity. Then go to the action profile you are using and see if the email message creator action is enabled.

      They are receiveing e-mails from othe tickets means Tickets created on the same system. But please let me know what do you mean by other system, because all are connected to Solution Manager.

      I was curious if they were using the functionality where they create tickets directly from within a system and were getting them from one system (i.e. ECC) but not another (i.e. CRM).

      I did created new BP. Yes, I did that too. I tried all the above.

      So you were able to get a the email to work for a BP if you entered 1 email address, but it fails when you change it to another email address?

      Out of 4000 only 6 are not working. Also I recreated the SU01 as well.

      Is there anything I can do?

      You may just have to fire them and hire people that it works for.

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    Former Member
    Sep 24, 2008 at 05:23 AM


    Check identification tab of BP there is a fields called ID type maintain CRM001 in that and under Identification number maintain details as "System ID<Space>Installation no<Space>Client<Space>Search term1"(from address tab)

    Maintain exactly one space only. Try this. It may solve your problem.



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