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Sep 11, 2008 at 03:31 PM

Calculate % Complete


I am trying to create a query that requires the % of the month complete. I need to pass a date, have it read the factory calendar and then return to me the % of the month that has been completed.

I know that I can use the function module RKE_SELECT_FACTDAYS_FOR_PERIOD and it will return to me the number of days in the month based on the factory calendar.

In a query, how can I access this function module and have it return the # of days in the month and the day number we are on so I can create the percentage?

I then need to take that percentage and multiply it by my full month budget amount. Since we only budget by the month and not the day, my requirement is to get the % of the monthly budget based on the day number we are on per the factory calendar.

I can do most of this in an function module, but how can I get the query to access this function module?

Your help / advice is greatly appreciated!!!