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How to find Schedule lines related Billing Documents.

Apr 04 at 11:14 AM


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Hi Experts,

We are creating OTD report. Selection parameters is Current date, if we enter Present date system should calculate 1st of that month to present date Schedule line Quantity and Invoice Quantity.

Ex: 04.04.2018 is selection date, system pick 1st April 2018 to 04.04.2018 all orders schedule line Quantity and Billed Quantity.

Order no. 123456 Item 10 Schedule line 1 Date 01.04.2018 Quantity: 100

04.04.2018 ‘30’ Quantity invoiced then OTD Percentage is 30%

Order no. 123456 Item 10 Schedule line 2 Date 01.04.2018 Quantity: 100

04.04.2018 ‘0’ Quantity invoiced then OTD Percentage is 0%.

Problem is, I am getting Schedule lines, Date and Quantity in VBEP Table. I am unable to find Particular Schedule line related Invoice number and Invoice Quantity.

Any one aware on this logic, please provide me logic for the same.



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1 Answer

Jyoti Prakash
Apr 04 at 11:34 AM

As per standard, not possible.

As schedule line is not available in the delivery doc.

That means you can't create a direct relationship between


Moreover, in doc flow table VBFA, you don't have schedule line.

So, there is no standard logic or solution to derive the relationship.

Further, deriving concrete relationship, a lot of things will get into consideration.
Like schedule line rescheduling program, type of process (MTO/MTS/Normal Stock Sales), etc.


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Hi Jyothi Prakash,

one sales order Line Item 10 having 3 schedule lines(2, 8 and 12), In LIPS first 2 schedule lines are coming 1 item and 3rd item created as 2nd line item. Billing LIPS 1st item 6 Quantity posted 2nd item 12 Quantity posted. My requirement is Within the month each schedule lines how much Quantity posted. My first 2 SL Quantity(2 & 8) appears in Delivery 10, in invoice 6. how much Quantity posted for 1st SL and 2nd SL. Please suggest me the same.




Can you provide the screenshot?
How are establishing this relationship?

As per my experience goes, you can't related schedule lines to subsequent sales docs, like delivery, invoice.

As suggested earlier, it will be your system driven logic. Means you can't generalise the logic for every system. Until your delivery is created with reference to sales order number / Item / Schedule Line Number. But, let me caution you, it can be impacted by rescheduling program, if that is running in the background. Which can impact dates and lines in schedule line. Moreover, hope you understand, your user can modify the schedule lines manually.

Thanks, JP