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Number of WP as configured in profile vs operation mode?

Apr 04 at 04:14 AM


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Dear all, Please excuse me for asking a dumb question.

Let's say that I have a fully setup and running R3 system and existing operation mode which specifies the number of WP of certain types.

I change the profile parameters and thus, change the number of WP then restart the system.

So what configuration will take effect and what else may I expect?

I really appreciate if you can point out what knowledge I am lacking to answer the question on my own. Thank you!

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2 Answers

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Yuksel AKCINAR Apr 11 at 08:26 PM

Hello Tam,

First of all there must not be any inconsistency between the # of wps in profile and # of wps on operation modes. There could be inconsistencies whenever you change # of wps manually in profile file or on RZ10 and donot configure opmodes accordingly.

If there is any inconsistency system may not activate operation modes.

If there is no problem system starts with the # wp distribution in profile and after start wp distribution is arranged automatically according to the active operation mode.



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thanks Yuksel. Is there any reference can I further look into?

Raquel Gomez
Apr 25 at 08:50 AM

Hi Tam,

Parameters "rdisp/wp_no_xx" set on the profile, define the amount of work processes per each type that will be started when application server starts. The amount of WP type defined on initial configuration may change when Operation Modes are used.

Get more information on Note:
#Note 2190597 - Work Process Configuration - Best Practices
It provides best practices for setting up a work process configuration for the ABAP server.


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