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Sep 11, 2008 at 09:52 AM

No billing document were generated


Hi Experts,

I have created a return SO.

Order type ZRFO and Item category ZRE1

Return delivery order was successfully created. with DO number and good retrn movement number.

However i wanted to create the billing document VF01 and type the DO number then save, the error message occurs as abovementioned in subject.



Yong Kok Wah

ZRE1 config

Item category ZRE1 FOC items return

Item Type

Completion Rule

Special Stock

Billing Relevance A

Billing Plan Type

Billing Block

Pricing B

Statistical value

Revenue Recognition

Delimit. Start Date

Incompletion Proced. 24 Free of Charge Item Screen Seq.Grp N

PartnerDetermProced. N Standard item

TextDetermProcedure 01 Sales Item Status Profile

Item Cat.Stats.Group 2 Returns, Credit Memo

Config. Strategy

Mat. Variant Action

ATP material variant

Structure scope Create Delivery Group


Value contract matl

Contract Release Ctrl

Repair proced.

Billing form DIP Prof.

ZRFO config

Sales Document Type ZRFO Ret Free Itm

SD document categ. H Sales document block


No.range int.assgt. 13 Item no.increment 10

No. range ext. assg. 14 Sub-item increment 10

Reference mandatory Material entry type

Check division

Probability 100

Check credit limit Check purch.order no

Credit group

Output application V1 Commitment date

Screen sequence grp. RE Returns Display Range UALL

Incompl.proced. 11 Standard Order FCode for overv.scr. UER1

Transaction group 0 Sales order Quotation messages

Doc. pric. procedure A Outline agrmt mess.

Status profile ZSD_REL Message: Mast.contr.

Alt.sales doc. type1 ProdAttr.messages

Alt.sales doc. type2

Variant type Delivery block


MRP for DlvSchType

Delivery type LR Returns Delivery Immediate delivery

Delivery block

Shipping conditions 01 standard


Dlv-rel.billing type RE Credit for Returns CndType line items

Order-rel.bill.type RE Credit for Returns Billing plan type

Intercomp.bill.type IG Internal Credit Memo Paymt guarant. proc. 01

Billing block Paymt card plan type 03

Checking group 01

Lead time in days 0

Date type

Prop.f.pricing date

Prop.valid-from date

PricProcCondHeadr Contract data allwd.

PricProcCondItem FollUpActivityType

Contract profile Subseq.order type SD

Billing request Check partner auth.

Group Ref. Procedure

Business transaction