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Apr 03, 2018 at 02:33 PM

Fiori Client Cloud Build (Unable to download app)



I am generating custom Fiori Client for IOS and Android on hana cloud platform . It's working for android and i can install apk file to device. But when i try to install to iphone, i am getting error like sap note 2501959 - "Unable to download app, could not be downloaded at this time" when installing iOS enterprise app. I tried to install with Itunes but faced same error.

Sap note not solved my problem , i am still getting same error. I tried all the options I found. (like this).

Also , when i analyze the IOS app build log on hana cloud platform, I have found such mistakes, could this be the cause of the error?

Anybody can help or advice us .


ios-error.png (47.7 kB)