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Sep 11, 2008 at 09:29 AM

Additional Parameters in JMS--send correlation ID to MQRFH2 Header



I am trying to configure a abap proxy to JMS--MQ.My intention is to populate a JMS Correlation id when i send out of PI.

In cc monitor i get the error: -

MP: Exception caught with cause Dynamic Configuration Header is Missing.

When i remove the check "Fail if Adapter-specific message attribute missing" is get a changed error to :-

Exception caught by adapter framework: null

Error Delivery of the message to the application using connection JMS_ failed, due to:

Any idea how i can get the parameter from sender JMS adapter. I am using a JMS compliant so corelation ID would be used by MQRFH2 Header.

My correlation settings are :-

Set JMSCorrelationID To = XIMessage ID

Store JMS CorrelationID Request = Checked box checked

Set JMS Property to JMS CorrelationID

VALUE = XI messageID

MessagePayload= JMS Payload

In advanced seetings i use :-

Name Java Type

JMSCorrelation ID String

DCJMSMessageProperty0 String

Is my settings correct or did i miss anything ?