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Sep 11, 2008 at 09:02 AM

MaxDB 7.6 on NFS, NAS?



being into storage consolidation, we so far deal with the idea of moving data and application off our servers to a NAS appliance. In order to choose a good technology on that:

  • The technologies in question all do offer NFS support (we're running MaxDB atop Linux). Is running MaxDB 7.6 off an NFS mount a good idea in terms of stability and performance? Are there any pitfalls to be aware of here?

  • Considering system options, our storage consultant explained that Solaris in some situations seems to do better in regards to NFS than Linux. Given that we're just talking about the database server where operating system doesn't matter that much and there's also a MaxDB build for Solaris out there, would there be any gain from moving our MaxDB installation to a Solaris (10, x86) machine? Any things we should take care of here?

  • Overally, in order to have MaxDB run in a NAS environment, considering both performance/stability and overall costs of this solution, our consultant so far has offered using either an NFS based approach or attaching a storage box using iSCSI, both assuming storage is connected to the servers using a dedicated (GBE) LAN. What technology would be preferrable here?

Thanks in advance for any hints, best regards.