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Crosstab based on universe data source - unable to sort columns except first column

Apr 05 at 04:31 AM


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There is already a discussion related to my issue but it is quite old

So, I decided to create a new one as my data source is not BEx query. I have issue where I cannot sort crosstab based on universe data source. However, I can sort it by first column (which ever column it is). My technical details is as follows:

- Design Studio 1.6 SP05

- BI Platform 4.1 SP6

I understand there is a limitation with conditional formatting for crosstabs based on universe data source. We don't have access to SAP knowledge base at the moment otherwise I would have searched there too. The only reason I don't think sorting is limitation as I can sort it by first column and similar issue is experienced by Bex data sources (as mentioned in article above)

Any help will be really appreciated.



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Christian Hauswald Apr 10 at 07:14 AM

Dear Angad,

as far as I can see, your described problem is standard in SAP Design Studio. The Sorting is depending on the element upfront.

In this example you can sort the department as desired. (Guess thats the case for you?)
But if you're sorting the name, you are stuck to the department. So you can just sort AAAA and CCCC (they will switch places) - but BBBB will always be at the buttom.

Hope that helps,

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Hi Chris,

Yes, it seems I am stuck with standard functionality of crosstab. Therefore, I have started to look into UI5 table which comes with Design Studio SDK for Community (3.0). So for, I have found it useful. However, I have to plan it from support perspective.

Thanks for your reply though.



Lakshmikanth Adharapurapu Apr 05 at 11:41 AM

Hi ,

Cant you write below script on whatever column/measure you would like to filter?

DS_1.sortByMeasure("3TKUQ7D4K4IO7JOJNY8QAVV0P", false);

if you set to false----descending



Lakshmikanth Adharapurapu

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Hi Lakshmi,

Thanks for you reply. I am already using "sortBy" on data source. It doesn't work on my data source. Please note my data source is based on universe and I am trying to sort by dimension.

Firstly, I am trying to sort by member (dimension). So, my script is something like this:

DS_1.sortByMember("dimensionthatneedstobesortedby", false);

DS_1.sortByMember("dimensiothatneedstobesortedby", true);

I am using this script in custom context menu. However, even if I use crosstab inbuilt sorting icon (on columns/dimensions) for sorting then it still doesn't sort columns other than first column. Also, when I go to "edit initial view" window of DS_1 then I can only sort the result by first column only.

I have tried converting my dimension to measure (with no aggregation) and and it doesn't work. I believe I am missing something very simple that needs to be adjusted.